"(Tommy) Gantt, however, is the real-deal street musician who has been performing regularly on the sidewalks of Spokane for the last five or six years.

You can usually see him singing and playing his guitar in front of River Park Square.

Gantt, 47, has polished guitar chops and a first-class singing voice.

He also has a repertoire of what seems like a jukebox full of crowd-pleasing pop songs and some originals.

He’s a professional busker, in other words.

Gantt relies on the generosity of strangers to pay his bills and buy his guitar strings.

What I’m saying is that this charity event called Spokane Street Music Week does cut into his pay.

Even so, Gantt graciously agreed to cheerfully donate his noon-hour take to our food bank cause.

It’s a classy thing to do."


Tommy G from the 509 has a new song! I love it!

Posted by Beth Heart on Thursday, January 21, 2016